Bradleys Both School Council

We will shortly be electing School Council representatives from each class. 

Chairman   - 

Vice Chair 

Secretary   - 

Treasurer   - 

The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and the Treasurer have been elected for the whole of the forthcoming year.

Class Representatives are elected for a full term.

Class 1   

Class 2   

Class 3   

Class 4   

Class 5  

At Bradleys Both we actively involve the children in making decisions about the development and running of their school.

Two representatives are elected by each class, each term. The children meet together with a member of staff monthly. Minutes of the meeting are kept and shared with each class.

These are the School Council’s aims:

• To ensure everyone at our school is happy and safe
• To have a pupil’s voice in decisions being made
• To consider ways in which our school can be made better
• To provide new opportunities for our school
• To support local and national charities
• To promote making the right choices

Our School Council will plan to:

• hold whole school events
• support fundraising for our school
• support and raise the profile of charities and their events
• investigate new initiatives for our school